What you will learn with this eBook

  • Building your skills

    Work from your strengths and look through the book to add to these strengths. Continuous learning is the key to building a flexible business.

  • The perfect business model for you

    Create a business model that is customised for you and your skills. With the book you have all the information you need to get started.

  • Create new income opportunities

    Tired of billable hours? Expand your horizons and discover ways to create new income including passive income.

  • Clients are the key

    Lean how you can help your clients grow their business. Take you bookkeeping skills to another level by using the resources in the book to help your clients grow their business.

  • The Toolkit

    Your book is filled with useful guides and has as a feature the Toolkit to enable you to set up your bookkeeping business. The book is your vey best tool for establishing and growing your business.

  • Purchase the bundle

    When you purchase the Bundle you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge with the Workbook as well as using the eBook at times when travelling.

This book is the first of its kind in Australia. It can take bookkeepers to a whole new level.
CEO The Bookkeeping Institute of Australia
Helen Bailey
Bookkeeper, Queensland
Our students will welcome this. It’s so useful and comprehensive. And it has lots of useful case studies.
Jane Doe
Natasha Reid
This is an important book for all professionals in the bookkeeping industry. It fills a gap.
Morris Kaplan

Take a peek inside

The book will be your ultimate guide to establishing your bookkeeping business or growing your existing one. You’ll learn:

  • How to start your bookkeeping business for under a few hundred dollars and just a few hours a week of your time
  • How to charge top dollar and keep your top clients
  • How to win clients by adopting our step-by-step marketing programs
  • How to get referrals from accountants
  • How to create new income streams by producing custom reports for your clients
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Buy the eBook or better still, buy the value bundle and read the eBook on your Kindle, you iPad or your smartphone. Travelling by bus or train? Don’t waste a moment, study your book Starting Your Bookkeeping Business at your convenience.

The eBook has offers a number of features not available on the print version and these include links to additional resources as well as links to other information sources that will bring your bookkeeping business venture even closer.

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A word from the Author

There is huge demand for bookkeepers who understand the specific needs of small business, because most small business owners do not understand nor have the time to monitor their key financials.

This is a great time for new graduates as well as experienced bookkeepers to build a business from the skills they have acquired

We at the Bookkeeping Institute of Australia think the bookkeeping industry needs a bit of a shake up. We don’t like seeing passionate, committed professional bookkeepers and aspiring students, struggling to make a decent living, and feeling overwhelmed and undervalued.

Anyone who is considering establishing a bookkeeping business in Australia and stakeholders in the profession including:

  • Students
  • People considering changing their career
  • Entrepreneurs starting their own business
  • People seeking part time business income
  • Suppliers to the industry interested in marketing to the SMB sector

We help people like you every day and we’d like to help you.

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eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle versions